Rehealth Food Supplements

Ideally everyone should get all the nutrients they need from their food. However in all too many cases this simply does not happen resulting in a need to supplement the diet.
Go into any health food shop and you will be amazed at the selection of supplements available, but what do they do, and which ones if any should you take?

We believe that food supplements should be just that, supplements to your food not replacements for a good diet. You don’t need megadoses of vitamins and minerals what you need is to correct any imbalance in your body and then support your diet with nutrients that the body can recognise as food not as chemicals.

Stage One—Identifying your nutrient imbalances

We advise checking your body’s mineral status through hair and/or blood analysis. In conjunction with our health questionnaire we can then suggest a supplemental programme that is helpful to you as an individual.

Stage Two—Finding the right supplements

Many years of research and experience has demonstrated clearly to us that the most supportive nutrients available are those that the body can recognise as food. Our bodies have been designed over 100’s of thousands of years to get our nutrients from food. If we think we can bypass that evolution and present our bodies with isolated chemicals without this being a burden to the body we are likely to be mistaken.

After the investigation stated above we will suggest supplements from a number of different companies that we would find most helpful, although your are not obliged to purchase these from us.

Natural health and special dietary products

If you already know which supplements you need or find helpful please contact us as we are happy to supply a range of different products.