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Our concept of restorative health is derived from the philosophy of restorative justice that seeks to heal the effects of crime for victims, community and offenders. Although it originates in crime and anti-social behaviours and is intended to prevent criminality, it is equally appropriate for law-abiding people who are victims of environmental disease and suffer various debilitating conditions and symptoms. We envisage marketing directly and through the internet globally. We already have a network nationally and internationally. There is an opportunity to 'own-brand' packages for charities working in the same field such as Hyperactive Childrens Support Group, Foresight, MIND, Overload network etc.

Our Mission

Helping individuals find health and happiness by preventing dis-ease, distress, disruption and offensive behaviour in home, school, community or workplace by assessing physiological, psychological, biochemical, lifestyle, dietary and environmental factors. This is used to design and apply individualised restorative health programmes according to need and want whilst assisting and representing individuals in trouble or experiencing learning difficulty, addiction or any form of social exclusion.

We help people help themselves via the following:

For individuals and families

Health, behaviour, lifestyle & dietary assessment
Provision of quality foods, nutritional supplements and water

  • Food, chemical and drug sensitivity or intolerance screening
  • Child health, behavioural and educational development
  • Educational Special Needs Assessment
  • Representation at hearings and appeals in school exclusions
  • Investigation and defence preparation in accidents, damage & injury
  • Help in breaking habits of drug, alcohol, tobacco, substance abuse
  • Preventing risky and self-harming behaviours including suicide

For groups and organizations

  • Reducing and preventing sickness absences
  • Business continuity planning and personnel continuity planning
  • Improving health and safety at work
  • Reducing and managing stress and risky behaviours at work
  • Security, crime and criminal prevention and investigation
  • Mediating discipline and personnel issues including mentoring
  • Investigating and managing complaints and legal actions
  • Accident, environmental and ecological casework
  • Improving the 4 E's: economy, efficiency, effectiveness & ecology
  • Managing pollution, light, colour, noise, electromagnetics
  • Independent 'friend' in discipline, health & safety, suspensions
  • Relationship programmes e.g. anti-bullying, suicide/self-harm
  • Debtor counselling and mediation
  • Training seminars, workshops, presentations

We believe in cooperation and coordination; people and partnerships.

Peter Bennett